Paulina Falls

What do you imagine when you hear that it is Spring? Back home, I would imagine brightly colored flowers and days with light showers, if the weather decided to misbehave. When I moved to Eugene, Spring still meant brightly colored flowers but it also meant rain. Lots and lots of rain.

Now I am in Central Oregon and all bets are off. Over the weekend, Stefan and I hiked to Paulina Falls. When we were getting ready to go, Stefan told me to wear layers and prepare for snow. In my mind, I thought snow meant small left over piles that haven’t quite melted from this past winter.


The weather forecast was already slated for rain. As we drove down Highway 97, I noticed that the rain wasn’t rain. It was snow. SNOW! The snow did not stop and had no intention of stopping for the rest of the day.


Lucky for me, the hike up to Paulina Falls was fairly easy. If it weren’t for the snow, I would’ve hoofed it without pause – you know it’s an easy hike when I confidently write something like that.

The falls were stunning and a well deserved view after hiking quickly to them. The whole way I was overly hot and sweating. Naturally, as we stopped and took in the falls, I felt the chill come back into my breath and immediately lost feeling in my fingers.

The loss of feeling was worth it and we stayed to enjoy the falls until we really couldn’t take the cold anymore.


Thank you to Stefan for aerial photos of the falls. This drone thing definitely has its perks.

Hike “Stats”

Location: Paulina Falls Trail

Distance: 5-ish miles round trip

Libations enjoyed: Schilling’s Lumberjack Rhubarb Cider (for me) and Rainier (for him) 

More to come.



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